About Soul Live Project Series


The SLP Series is our brand new project. Powered by Amberstone Media, it is a series of community-based performing arts events, with a variety of genres, including: CLASSICAL MUSIC – JAZZ – WORLD MUSIC – THEATRE – POP MUSIC – ALTERNATIVE INDIE/ROCK MUSIC – TRADITIONAL ARTS – DANCE. Anyone who is interested in or loves the performing arts can hold the SLP Passport to experience a myriad of different art forms. With this project, SLP Series offers the community the opportunity to travel the world of arts.


“Soul Live Project Series: The Modern Classics” is created with the aim to shorten the distance between the mass audience and classical music. At the Soul Live Project series, classical music shall be presented in traditional and new ways, creating unconventional yet relatable ways to pique interest of the audience. With the hope to create new and fresh experience with classical music, the project will introduce to the audience the ‘modern’ and ‘unique’ international, regional and local artists, who are not afraid to test their own boundaries and are willing to step forward from the status quo of the ‎classical scenes with their exceptional artistic vision.


Whether featured in movies like La La Land, Chicago, Midnight in Paris or through the storied lives of legends like Miles Davis, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, Jazz music represents improvisation, syncopation and rhythm. There are many styles of Jazz to be explored and the Soul Live Project Series is proud to bring you on this journey of discovery. By bringing to Vietnam internationally acclaimed artists such as David Binney, and in 2019 with Cuong Vu, guitarist Bill Frisell and pianist Myra Melford, we aim to present the masterful and innovative sounds of international, regional and local Jazz artists in the intimate setting of the Soul Live Project Complex. The “Soul Live Project Series: Jazz through Time” is under the direction of 2-time Grammy award winner – Mr. Cuong Vu as Artistic Director.


Soul Live Project Series: Hear The World aims to present music from different worlds to Vietnamese audience. World music is a borderless genre that highlights the sound of diverse cultures, and the fusion that brings various communities together. With Ms. Vân Ánh Võ as Artistic Director, we aim to introduce many masterful world music artists in and out of Vietnam, in the intimate setting of the Soul Live Project Complex, to pique the interest of Vietnamese audience in such a distinct and colorful genre.


Rock & Pop are recognised as the most prominent and diverse genres of music, that produced the most hits and gave birth to numerous legendary names like The Beatles, Celine Dion, Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Queen, Whitney Houston… “Soul Live Project Series: Rock & Pop” is created with the hope to bring to Vietnam world-renowned local, regional and international Pop & Rock artists. The series will create exciting and dynamic musical experience in the intimate setting of the Soul Live Project Complex, a new hub for music/arts lovers in Saigon! By presenting unique, established and world-famous artists with outstanding artistic vision, we hope to contribute to the arts/entertainment scene of Vietnam a breath of fresh air!

About Saigon Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (SPYO)

Saigon Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (SPYO) is a community project by Asia Music & Performing Arts Education (AMPA Education), which is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. SPYO is established with the aim of training the young generation of musicians through classical performances with Saigon Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as creating semi-classical concerts and new, creative music experiences. SPYO hopes to provide opportunities for young music students to showcase their talents and passion, in order to introduce what may be commonly known as a “hard to access” genre closer to the public and community, especially young audience. Including music lovers aged 18-25, we hope to encourage young audience to experiment, experience and resonate with different music genres and cultures. SPYO wants to be the common voice of young people in promoting the music and culture of HCMC.

About DreamsPass

DreamsPass is a multi-platform ticketing solution for music concerts, festivals, theatre, conferences, exhibitions and others, with the aim to bring the creativity, the arts and cultures from the world to Vietnam and vice versa. DreamsPass provides online ticket platforms, creative ticket services and real-time analytics. Powered by Amberstone Media, DreamsPass creates a comprehensive show management from ticketing, to 360 marketing & communication service.